A stormtrooper who is jealous

A jealous stormtrooper

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A jealous stormtrooper. A fun and simple one to make. It is about a stormtrooper who is jealous of his own sibling. I was bored and suddenly something crossed my mind, so I created this. Have a good day everyone!

daily planner

My daily planner

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I would like to share my daily planner. It is simple and I like to keep it that way. Having a planner is vital, well at least for me. And I just started to make one last week. Do not be like me. Make one as fast as possible. It helps you a lot. I […]

hello graphic design


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Good morning! It is Monday. Yes, I know. I do not like Mondays too. Cheer up!   Be strong and do your best in whatever you are going to do today.   Good luck and have fun too.